On Tuesday 5 December 2017 Kathie Herbert and Roger Grealy represented BMRSG at a seminar conducted by the Edmund Rice Centre (ERC).

The Edmund Rice Centre hosted a film screening and discussion – A Well Founded Fear: 10 years on – What’s happened since? Where to from here?

The Australian Government sends back people it doesn’t think are refugees. But the Government never finds out what happens to the people it rejects.

10 years ago, filmmakers followed Phil Glendenning as he tracked down several deportees to find out how they were faring. A Well-Founded Fear is the story of Phil’s search.

Phil found relatives of those deported but learned that the refugees had been murdered or “disappeared” upon their return. Often those Australia sent back were recognised as refugees and taken in by other places such as the UK, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand. Sometimes our government even supplied the refugees with fake passports and they were imprisoned on their return.

31 refugees who were deported and traced by Phil were found to have been killed by the Taliban et al.

Since 2003, the Edmund Rice Centre has published a number of reports as part of their Deported to Danger research project.  The Responsibility to Protect – July 2017

This report is the continuation of ERC’s determination to investigate Australia’s most recent deportations to Afghanistan by providing an overview of Afghanistan’s current security, political, and socio-economic situation, the drivers and trends of migration, and the returnees’ experience.

The report concludes that it would be impossible for Australian, European and other governments to guarantee the safety of Afghan returnees in this period of instability. Afghanistan is currently experiencing widespread conflict, intensifying violence, political instability, human rights abuses, lack of rule of law and good governance, economic hardships, and a serious refugee crisis.


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