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  • Success!


    So, such great news. Aiesha called and was so overwhelmed by the news. She kept saying “Thank you, thank you” – crying at times – “We couldn’t have achieved this without your Group’s help”.

    Wonderful news! A couple with two children applied for a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) and BMRSG assisted them with their legal costs. They were terrified of being deported back to danger. They had their interview with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about five weeks ago and today they received a letter saying that their application had been approved.
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  • “Help us keep our sanity, remember our humanity.”   Song from Manus

    “Help us keep our sanity, remember our humanity.” Song from Manus

    Asylum Seeker ‘Moz’ releases song recorded in Manus Island detention centre
    Kurdish refugee Mostafa ‘Moz’ Azimitabar today released a music video and song he recorded from his detention on Manus Island.
    Moz, 31, has been detained for four years.   The vocals for his song – “All the Same” – were recorded on a mobile phone and, with the footage; found their way out of Manus to artists in Australia. In the clip, Moz sings into the camera, surrounded by tall wire fences, and implores all Australians to “help us keep our sanity, remember our humanity.”
    Moz said the song was created to bring attention to the plight of himself and other refugees.  “We have been left in political limbo for four years now.   The conditions are hellish and how they treat us is deplorable. I hope people who are listening to my song will understand our desperation, frustration and fear,” he said.Read more →

  • Refugee stories discussed at Blackheath

    Refugee stories discussed at Blackheath

    About 60 people filled the Bates room at Blackheath Community Hall on Sunday afternoon to hear about  a book written by refugees on their experiences in off shore detention centres. They Cannot take the Sky.
    A BMRSG contingent was there, Joy Connor, committee member and Villawood Visitor gave an excellent overview of the work of BMRSG  and urged all to “stand up for a decent Australia.”Read more →

  • The Empathy Poems

    The Empathy Poems

    The Empathy Poems poems of compassion for asylum seekers and refugees around the world.
    The idea is simple: people choose a poem they have an affinity with and reimagine, rewrite or respond to it in any way, but in view of the broad themes of refuge and asylum.Read more →

  • Friendly cricket match on ANZAC Day

    Friendly cricket match on ANZAC Day

    On Anzac Day 2017, Ocean12 Cricket Team and Australian Navy Cricket Team had a wonderful encounter at Darling Street Park Cricket Ground. On this memorable day, in their inaugural match, both teams played in a friendly environment.

    Before the cricket match Ocean 12 and members of the Tamil community attended an ANZAC ceremony at Wenty Leagues where Ocean12 skipper Suthakar respectfully placed a wreath.Read more →

  • Work of BMRSG – Drivers Wanted

    Work of BMRSG – Drivers Wanted

    This was a mammoth load going to two families in Western Sydney. Two of our stalwart drivers, David Cook and Peter Hurley took this load.
    If you have a trailer, ute or van and have a little time, we would love to hear from you. We also need ‘offsiders’ to help with the loading in Wentworth Falls and unloading in Sydney.
    For insurance purposes all volunteers are required to be financial members of BMRSG.
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