The claim made by some politicians and commentators that people seeking asylum who arrive by boat are just ‘economic migrants’ has been dispelled in our latest research, which looks at Government data for the last 40 years. The statistics show that 81% of people who arrived here by boat and had their asylum claims assessed were found to be refugees. You can see the full paper here.

Australia urged to act on its promise to resettle Syrian and Iraqis

As Canada met its deadline to resettle 25,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq in the three months from November, Australia is promising to increase its resettlement beyond the 26 already here in a ‘steady flow’ from March. Frustration in the refugee settlement sector has grown as key services have been left seriously out of pocket, having geared up for an increase in new arrivals which hasn’t yet happened. Some services have had even to put off staff who were previously recruited and trained and find alternative uses for empty on-arrival housing. We are continuing to raise this issue wherever possible. See our recent release here

ABC News: Fact file: How does Australia’s refugee intake compare

The Abbott Government said Australia leads the world in resettling refugees on a per capita basis. But how does Australia’s refugee intake really stack up against other nations? ABC Fact Check takes a look at the most recent available statistics.

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