Guided by Justice and Compassion

  • Work of BMRSG 2015 – 2

    Work of BMRSG 2015 – 2

    The 2nd article on the work of BMRSG in 2015. Read about more of the diverse activities undertaken by BMRSG volunteers.Read more

  • Refugee Services Stretched to the Limit

    Refugee Services Stretched to the Limit

    Honi Soit looks at how you get by when you’re struggling to be someone else’s safety net and tell’s George Winston’s story as a refugee.Read more

  • BMRSG Annual Report 2013-14

    Over the last year the BMRSG has continued to provide weekly practical and emotional support to numerous refugees and asylum seekers in detention and in the community. To be able to do this we have maintained our fundraising activities and our collection and delivery of goods to the families and individuals we have been assisting.Read more

  • Refugee Week Activities

    There are a large number of Refugee Week activities happening in the Blue Mountains, Sydney and across New South Wales .  We encourage everyone to take the time and at least take part in one event. 15 June, 2:00pm to 4:00pm – Springwood Talk by Mark Isaacs (author of The Undesirables – Inside Naura) who spent 9Read more