Guided by Justice and Compassion

  • Annual General Meeting 2017

    Annual General Meeting 2017

    Members of Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group gathered on Saturday 11 November for the 2017 Annual General Meeting.
    Chairman Hal Ginges congratulated members and their Committee for a busy and productive year, with highlights such as financial help for asylum seekers in their visa applications, and $130,000 distributed during the year to refugee families and Villawood detainees. Hal Ginges thanked two of the founding members of BMRSG who are standing down from their long term positions on the committee and taking up new roles.Read more

  • Work of BMRSG – Swimming Lessons

    Work of BMRSG – Swimming Lessons

    Every Tuesday 14 asylum seeker children arrive at Blacktown Aquatic Centre for their swimming lesson.
    It’s such a happy day for everyone. Not only are the children taking part in the Aus Swim program they are enjoying the social interaction with each other. This program is thanks to the donations of all those through Local Hero.Read more

  • Success!


    So, such great news. Aiesha called and was so overwhelmed by the news. She kept saying “Thank you, thank you” – crying at times – “We couldn’t have achieved this without your Group’s help”.

    Wonderful news! A couple with two children applied for a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) and BMRSG assisted them with their legal costs. They were terrified of being deported back to danger. They had their interview with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about five weeks ago and today they received a letter saying that their application had been approved.
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  • Work of BMRSG – Drivers Wanted

    Work of BMRSG – Drivers Wanted

    This was a mammoth load going to two families in Western Sydney. Two of our stalwart drivers, David Cook and Peter Hurley took this load.
    If you have a trailer, ute or van and have a little time, we would love to hear from you. We also need ‘offsiders’ to help with the loading in Wentworth Falls and unloading in Sydney.
    For insurance purposes all volunteers are required to be financial members of BMRSG.
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  • Work of BMRSG – Outing to Blackheath Pool

    Work of BMRSG – Outing to Blackheath Pool

    In January BMRSG committee members Julie and Brendan hosted a very successful visit to Blackheath by six refugee children – three Tamil girls, and three boys from Iran, all of whom had come to Australia as unaccompanied minors. The visit was organised through Marist Youth, who arranged for the children to be transported to theRead more

  • Work of BMRSG – Collection and distribution of furniture

    Work of BMRSG – Collection and distribution of furniture

    One of the many important practical aspects of BMRSG is collection and distribution of furniture and smaller items required to help make life more pleasant for asylum seekers and refugees.
    There is a small handful of drivers with utes or trailers who collect and transport goods to wherever they are required. Community Visitors regularly visit families and help identify what is needed.Read more