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  • Dutton to use Dogs on Asylum Seekers

    Dutton to use Dogs on Asylum Seekers

    The Migration Amendment (Prohibiting items in Immigration Detention Facilities) Bill 2017 now before the senate, will allow Dutton’s Border Force to use dogs, have increased powers to strip search detainees and go through their possessions without a warrant. The minister will have unfettered power to ban what ever he decides is a “prohibited thing” in detention centres (especially mobile phones). This Bill entrenches institutionalised brutality. It needs to be stopped.
    Find out what you can do?
    Put in a submission to the Senate Inquiry. Find out how.Read more →

  • Susan Templeman’s speech on Australian Border Force Amendment Bill 2017

    Susan Templeman’s speech on Australian Border Force Amendment Bill 2017

    “The Turnbull government has introduced an amendment to Parliament to remove strict secrecy provisions governing Australia’s immigration detention system. The move has been described as “a major victory for refugee advocates who challenged the laws in the High Court”.
    Immigration Minister Peter Dutton introduced amendments to the 2015 Australian Border Force Act that previously threatened detention centre workers with two years in prison if they spoke out about neglect or abuse.”
    Susan Templeman MP Member for Macquarie spoke on this Bill.Read more →

  • Candle-Light Vigil for Hamed

    Candle-Light Vigil for Hamed

    The Blue Mountains Community reached out to the grieving family of Hamed Shamshiripour in Iran on Saturday night in Leura. The church was full as the community gathered to express their grief and sadness at the tragic death of asylum seeker Hamed Shamshiripour on Manus Island.
    Candles were lit and placed under a framed photo of Hamed. Prayers and meditation framed the evening as people were given the space to share their feelings. Several poets read out their moving poetry, scripture was read and many people wrote messages that will be translated and sent to Hamed’s family in Iran with the poetry and photos of the beautiful candlelit space.

    The vigil was organised by Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group and the Leura Uniting Church. Read more →

  • Meeting with Shadow Minister for Immigration, Shayne Neumann

    Meeting with Shadow Minister for Immigration, Shayne Neumann

    On Thursday 3rd August a delegation from  BMRSG  met with the Shadow Minister for Immigration and Border Protection,  Shayne Neumann and our local member Susan Templeman at Lawson Community Centre to raise our concerns about the treatment of people seeing asylum both within Australia and in Nauru and Manus.
    We put the case for on-shore processing of those on Manus Island and settlement in Australia. We especially focused  on those people suffering health issues due to their detention and those people seeking asylum  with family ties and support networks in Australia. We raised concerns about the treatment of those in  inside Australia: indefinite detention, random removal to  detention centres in other states and people in the community who are living in limbo on temporary visasRead more →

  • Refugee stories discussed at Blackheath

    Refugee stories discussed at Blackheath

    About 60 people filled the Bates room at Blackheath Community Hall on Sunday afternoon to hear about  a book written by refugees on their experiences in off shore detention centres. They Cannot take the Sky.
    A BMRSG contingent was there, Joy Connor, committee member and Villawood Visitor gave an excellent overview of the work of BMRSG  and urged all to “stand up for a decent Australia.”Read more →

  • Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time

    Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time

    Today I attended the world premier today of Chauka, Please Tell Us the Time at the Sydney Film Festival.   It is one of the most disturbing films I have ever seen.   As an Australian I feel ashamed, complicit and appalled.
    Iranian-Kurdish journalist detainee, Behrouz Boochani and an Iranian-Dutch filmmaker, Arash Kamali Sarvestani, made this film with footage shot on a mobile phone.
    It is a unique record of daily life on Manus Island detention centre.
    Also a list of some of Behrouz Boochani’s articlesRead more →