BMRSG has provided very practical support for asylum seekers and refugees for many years now by delivering furniture that has generally been donated.

Usually families or single men are released from detention with virtually nothing so we often provide a whole household of furniture.

Sometimes it’s just a pram for a newborn or maybe a fridge as their current one no longer works.

This only works with the generous support of volunteer drivers who collect the needed items, usually from storage in Wentworth Falls and taken to their homes, generally in Western Sydney.

There has been a core of drivers doing this job but some are taking a break, moving away or no longer have an appropriate vehicle.

This was a mammoth load going to two families in Western Sydney.
Two of our stalwart drivers, David Cook and Peter Hurley took this load.

The loads are not usually this large.

It’s just that David is having a break in America and Peter has moved to the Central Coast that they obliged with ‘clearing the decks’ so to speak.

Another stalwart, Mort is travelling and building his own home for the next 12 months.

We are very grateful to all our volunteers for their efforts.

The more volunteers we have the less often you will need to be called on.

If you have a trailer, ute or van and have a little time, we would love to hear from you.

We also need ‘offsiders’ to help with the loading in Wentworth Falls and unloading in Sydney.

For insurance purposes all volunteers are required to be financial members of BMRSG.

Contact Denise at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Denise Thorpe

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