After an act of total disharmony and hate perpetrated on a peaceful neighbour by one of our own in Harmony Week we need a way forward. There is continuum of disharmony of human distress and dislocation. As a nation we have not been so great at listening to those on the margins and walking with them towards a truly harmonious society whether with our first peoples or those seeking safety. Harmony is a close relative of the concept of Peacemaking in both the Islamic and Christian faith. Blessed are the Peacemakers is a pivotal scripture in both faiths.

What can we do today to be peacemakers in our small way and bring harmony to our community and nation?

First we can work gently consistently and persistently at the making of peace in the politics of everyday: in our households, families and community, in conflicts less dramatic, yet vital on the spectrum of harmony.

Then there is a chance for practical help. Christchurch Resettlement Services are handling much of the counseling and practical assistance with their multicultural staff, half of whom are Muslim. You can donate to them on

The third thing we can do is name and resist anything that degrades or dismisses those who are not part of the mainstream. It is too easy to give up on emailing objections to politicians and shock jocks in the media (and those who buy advertising in the media)  about slurs on the Moslem community or lies told about asylum seekers or the denigration of the Statement from the Heart, from Aboriginal people.  Let’s keep on going so that the rumour of what is good does not die out in the land.

Let us work as peacemakers with all of the different groups in society for a harmonious nation.

by Joy Connor Chairperson BMRSG

From Christchurch Resettlement Services, Co-ordinator Shirley Wright

Kia ora – lovely to hear from you and thank you for this amazing donation from the Blue Mountains Vigil.

Please refer to our website (below) for info about our services. We will use your donation to bolster our bilingual community work team, the majority of whom are Muslim. Thanks again, we are so humbled by the amazing support coming into Christchurch.

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