by Joy Connor Chair BMRSG

After the latest suicide attempt at Villawood I rang Susan Templeman’s Office to let her know that we were all deeply  concerned at the mounting number of suicides and attempted  suicides caused by indefinite detention policies. Through her office manager she expressed her deep concern  but said that, as an opposition MP and a known supported of refugees, her voice makes little difference without direct calls from the public to the Ministers concerned. BCC her in emails

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The contact details of the ministers are;

Peter Dutton
PO Box 2012 Strathpine QLD 4500 

David Coleman, PO Box 564, REVESBY NSW D

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I have written

Dear Minister Dutton

As a mother and a grandmother I am deeply distressed at the increasing number of suicides in detention of young men, not much younger than my lads who  have died of despair after years of  indefinite detention. Young men sacrificed  as part of the deterrent policies of “Border Protection.” As a father yourself how would you feel if they were your boys? Please reconsider this policy.

Yours sincerely 

Joy Connor.

and to Minister Coleman

Dear Minister Coleman,

I am writing of my concern at the third reported attempt at suicide in Villawood detention Centre in the last 6 weeks. Two have been successful. Many I am sure have not been reported. As a regular visitor to Villawood detention centre I have been impressed with the resilience and courage of people detained there with no idea if or when they will be released. The resulting despair after years of waiting must be overwhelming. Several have been in detention for more than 9 years.

I know that indefinite detention is a weapon in the “Border Security” deterrent policy. It is a poison one and one no-one would wish it  on any human being. I beg you to re consider

Yours sincerely

Joy Connor

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