by Denise Thorpe and Roger Grealy

Roger Grealy and Denise Thorpe attended a fund raising lunch for RACS on Friday 19 October in Sydney.

RACS (Refugee Advice and Casework Service) is an independent community legal centre and the only dedicated organisation in NSW providing specialist legal support at no cost to people seeking asylum.

This organisation has helped BMRSG many times when we have referred our families.

The guest of honour was Gillian Triggs who made a heartfelt appeal to the many lawyers, barristers and judges present to dig deep into their pockets for donations.

It was also the forum to launch The Power of Good People Surviving Sri Lanka’s Civil War by Para Paheer with Alison Corke.

Para told a moving story of his gruelling trip to Australia when the boat he was on sank and many drowned.   Para had 2 boats to choose from, the one he decided against sank and 101 people drowned, the boat he was on began to sink, 13 people died.

He survived to be incarcerated in our detention centres.

A happy ending though when he was reunited with his wife and young son here in Australia, after eight years separation.  They now also have a second son, some 10 months old.

Gillian Triggs said that para’s story moves hearts more than any legal submission.

Gillian Triggs spoke on the Gold Coast the night previous to the lunch and was to speak at a function in Melbourne the same night.

Several people remarked when Denise said she was from BMRSG “Oh you are the group doing heaps for asylum seekers. You are reconditioning cars!”

Another  possible car donation may result.

This was an excellent opportunity for members of BMRSG to network with other advocates.




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