Since September 2017 BMRSG has been financially supporting nine young men originally evacuated to Australia from Manus Island and Nauru with severe medical and psychological conditions.

Already traumatised  by their experiences and still new to Australian life, they were cut off from government payments without a warning date and given 3 weeks to get out of their supported housing. Their shocking choices were the streets, back to Nauru or Manus Island or deportation to danger.

All these young men had been assessed as refugees, which means they have a well founded fear of persecution in their home countries. They come from Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Myanmar .

Only two had recovered enough to work by February. Another young man managed to get work after a lot of effort but his  medical condition meant that  after two days  days on the job he couldn’t continue without risk to himself and others. Several are so traumatized by torture in their country of origin and the horrors of detention offshore that their mental health and well-being is still very fragile.

Meanwhile a number of charities rallied to provide accommodation.

BMRSG assists by paying $100/week to those unable to work (the only money they get to live on) and is supporting those looking for work while helping them in their search for employment.

You can give a regular donation of $10 or more per month to assist these young men and the work of BMRSG by using our new direct debit option. 

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