by Noeline Nagle

Life for our asylum seekers is far from easy. It’s a constant battle to fight the maze of Immigration red tape, struggle with what you can and cannot do and keep yourself and families in as good health as possible.

At our recent AGM a couple (members of BMRSG) offered me the most wonderful opportunity. They offered an asylum seeker family the opportunity to have a beach holiday at their holiday house. As a special bonus one of the conditions was I was to accompany them!

On a perfect weekend in January our little family (mum, dad and 3 delightful children) left to have their first beach holiday ever! The squeals of delight as we all jumped over waves, attempted to use boogie boards and made the best sand castles ever seen. The sea was so perfect as if it had been specially planned.

Our hosts and their daughter shared knowledge, food and most importantly bundles of fun and love. We ate delicious barbecues, explored and shared stories. Our family was totally relaxed, and the children instantly adopted their hosts as grandpa Roger and Grandma Rhonda.

In the nearly 8 years I have known this family it’s the first time I have ever seen them so happy and relaxed. When the time came to leave the sadness quickly turned to joy as an invitation to return in the next school holidays was given.

Thank you so much Roger and Rhonda. Your hand of friendship created such happiness. Oh, nearly forgot. I had a brilliant time as well.

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