By Noeline Nagle

I believe I am in a privileged position to see the wonderful response we get from BMRSG members
when we have a request for help.

Before Christmas I requested help for a Punjabi woman and her child who was in a desperate situation. Within 10 minutes of making the request I had my first offer of accommodation for her.
Meg, from Katoomba offered a lovely room for 3 weeks. This wasn’t just accommodation it was the
hand of friendship, a non-judgemental environment where her confidence could be restored. There
was love, laughter and tears. The outcome is a friendship forever.
No words could possibly convey the gratitude that we all owe to Meg.

The next step of the journey has begun. To a Studio nestled in a glorious garden, offering tranquillity and the comfort of another gentle soul. Squeals of delight from a 2-year- old as she discovers the joy of a garden created with love. They will continue to recover and thrive in this environment.

To those of you who offered help, gave money and sowed the seeds to her recovery I say on their
behalf, thank you.

Should you be in a position where you can pick her up (we have a car seat) and perhaps take her to a park or to play with other children it would indeed put icing on the cake.

Please leave a message or comment or email if you could do this.

Be forever proud to belong to BMRSG .

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