Canada’s immigration minister is something of a global anomaly at the moment.

Not only is Ahmed Hussen a former refugee, but someone who loudly and regularly advocates the benefits of immigration in what he calls a “world of closing doors”.

Mr Hussen spoke at the University of New South Wales on Friday as part of his multi-city visit to Australia, where he championed a more progressive stance on immigration and refugee policy.

And for him, the topic is not just a portfolio, but a lived experience.

At 16, Mr Hussen escaped the civil war in Somalia and fled to Canada. He went on to study and practice law, before becoming the country’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship last year.

But he played down his own screenplay-like story to the Sydney audience.

“Apart from our Indigenous population, the rest of us in Canada are either descendants of immigrants or immigrants ourselves… The history of modern Canada is a history of immigration,” he said.

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