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  • Murals for a Cause

    This weekend Amnesty International’s Arts Activism Group ARTillery and not for profit organisation Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) will paint a series of large scale murals across Sydney centred around human rights and social justice issues. Coinciding with Sculpture by the Sea, the first mural will be painted at Bondi Beach Graffiti Wall from theRead more

  • Urgent petition – Please sign

    Dear Friends, Last year you signed the petition “End Inhumane Treatment Of Asylum Seekers In Australia”. Senator Hanson-Young presented it to the Senate. But instead of getting better, the situation has become graver. Not content with spending $1 billion of taxpayers’ money on detaining 2200 asylum-seekers in appalling conditions in detention centres on Manus IslandRead more

  • Why Seeking Asylum is Legal

    Authors:  Jane McAdam & Fiona Chong The book “REFUGEES – WHY SEEKING ASYLUM IS LEGAL AND AUSTRALIA’S POLICIES ARE NOT” has recently been released and we highly recommend that anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the asylum seeker and refugee issues.  The authors Jane McAdam and Fiona Chong state in their introduction (Page 4 paragraph 4)Read more

  • Not in Our Name

    Shame on Refugee Resettlement Deal with Cambodia In Solidarity with Cambodian Civil Society Organisations On Friday (Oct 17), more than 1,000 of Cambodian people, monks, students, victims of land eviction and representatives of unions and non-government organisations, will march on Phnom Penh’s streets to demand the abolition of the refugee resettlement deal signed by CambodianRead more

  • Call for Action – Combined Refugee Action Group’s Letter Blitz

    This is a very important call to action from the Combined Refugee Action Group’s Letter Blitz. If you have never got around to writing a letter before, then now is the time to do it. The Migration and Maritime Powers Legislation Amendment (Resolving the Asylum Legacy Caseload) Bill 2014, is currently before Parliament. It isRead more

  • Cambodia not suitable for any refugees

    Former Chief Justice of the Family Court and Chairman of Children’s Rights International, Alastair Nicholson discusses the plan to send up to 1000 asylum seekers to Cambodia. Download: Lateline interview 18 August 2014Read more

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