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  • The Jim Tulip Candidates Forum – Questions to candidates in Macquarie

    The Jim Tulip Candidates Forum – Questions to candidates in Macquarie

    Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group is sending these questions to the candidates in Macquarie contesting the Federal election from the 3 major parties. We aim to enable voters to make an informed decision on this issue when considering their choice of candidate and party. Despite repeated attempts to elicit a response to the questions fromRead more

  • A way forward after Christchurch

    A way forward after Christchurch

    After an act of total disharmony and hate perpetrated on a peaceful neighbour by one of our own in Harmony Week we need a way forward. There is continuum of disharmony of human distress and dislocation. As a nation we have not been so great at listening to those on the margins and walking withRead more

  • Another death in Villawood

    Another death in Villawood

    After the latest suicide attempt at Villawood I rang Susan Templeman’s Office to let her know that we were all deeply concerned at the mounting number of suicides and attempted suicides caused by indefinite detention policies. Through her office manager she expressed her deep concern but said that, as an opposition MP and a known supported of refugees, her voice makes little difference without direct calls from the public to the Ministers concerned. BCC her in emails.
    Read more to get addresses and see sample letters.Read more

  • What you don’t understand you fear!

    What you don’t understand you fear!

    “There is so much we
    take for granted in this country” “We are just so ignorant of what people have been through” were just some of the responses to the conversations with Refugees hosted by Sydney Alliance, the churches of the lower Mountains and BMRSG on the last weekend in February.

    The Springwood Presbyterian Hall was filled with around 100 people for each of the separate sessions (around 200 in all) as people came to listen to refugees telling their stories, talk together about what they had heard and ask questions of professionals working in the area.Read more

  • Planning Day 2019

    Planning Day 2019

    Read about the very productive Planning Day 2019.
    Celebrations, working with partners and sharing the load were directions for the year ahead which came out of the first ever planning day for the BMRSG committee on February 3Read more

  • Send a message to the politicians.

    Send a message to the politicians.

    Get someone to take a photo of you with your mobile phone holding the Single Act of Compassion sign

    Email your photo to:
    Hon P Dutton
    Hon S Morrison PM
    With the message;

    Thanks to Mr Dutton for reminding us that

    ”it only takes a single act of compassion to undo the government’s work on stopping the boats.”

    Here is my single Act of Compassion to undo the cruelty. I want justice with compassion for people seeking asylum.Read more

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