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  • Home Among the Gum Trees NSW

    Home Among the Gum Trees NSW

    Holidays for people seeking asylum and their families in rural and coastal towns in NSW. For relaxation, friendship and understanding in an ordinary Australian family setting, with leisure and social activities such as bushwalking, sightseeing, fishing, and swimming. It’s a taste of life away from the main cities for people seeking asylum who are interestedRead more

  • Work of BMRSG – Collection and distribution of furniture

    Work of BMRSG – Collection and distribution of furniture

    One of the many important practical aspects of BMRSG is collection and distribution of furniture and smaller items required to help make life more pleasant for asylum seekers and refugees.
    There is a small handful of drivers with utes or trailers who collect and transport goods to wherever they are required. Community Visitors regularly visit families and help identify what is needed.Read more

  • Desperate people seeking asylum need your help now.

    Desperate people seeking asylum need your help now.

    Last week the Turnbull government launched an unprecedented attack on around 12,000 people seeking asylum who arrived by sea to Australia between August 2012 and December 2013. After waiting over four years to be invited to apply for asylum, these people have received letters from the government with as little as 30 days to lodge their refugee application.
    Donate to enable BMRSG to provide legal support for those completing these complicated documents.Read more

  • Work of BMRSG   – Employment

    Work of BMRSG – Employment

    This is the first of a series of articles on the huge range of support work undertaken by BMRSG volunteers. Part 1 Employment. This is a major problem for those asylum seekers living in the community. This story has a great outcome.

    Read more

  • Support Ocean 12

    Support Ocean 12

    If you feel touched by the Ocean 12 success and are in a position to help, please consider the following:-
    The men have a raffle (brilliantly organised) with prizes such as a signed bat (donated by Cricket Australia), 2 tickets to New Zealand, IPad, and vouchers. (All prizes sourced by the men.) Tickets are $10.00 each or a book for $100.00. Noeline is very happy to sell these to you.
    Cricket is very expensive. It costs $130.00 per game
    Read more

  • Use of Force Bill stalled

    Use of Force Bill stalled

    Thanks to the actions of Asylum Seekers Rescource Centre (ASRC) supporters and other concerned people, the Government failed to get its Use of Force bill through Parliament in June. Thousands of people wrote and phoned Labor and cross-bench Senators urging them not to support the Bill, which would give detention guards virtually unchecked power toRead more

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