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  • We are the forgotten people’: the anguish of Australia’s ‘invisible’ asylum seekers

    We are the forgotten people’: the anguish of Australia’s ‘invisible’ asylum seekers

    Nearly 29,000 asylum seekers are in Australia on temporary ‘bridging visas’. These people may be free from detention but – with many denied education, healthcare and the right to work – they remain locked in desperate poverty and with no idea what their futures hold.Read more

  • The problematic ‘saving lives at sea’ argument

    The problematic ‘saving lives at sea’ argument

    When refugee advocates criticise harsh policies such as boat turnbacks, they are confronted with claims that the measures are necessary for saving lives at sea. This justification has dominated the debate to the extent that any policy which further restricts refugee rights becomes justifiable on this ground. Imagine a proposal to ban cars because thereRead more

  • Update on Status Resolution and Support Services (SRSS) Program

    There has been a call for further information and clarity on the Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) program. Below are brief descriptions of each of the six bands, as well as the list of the SRSS providers in each state and territory. Also attached for your information is a DIBP-produced table of entitlements for asylumRead more

  • They abducted my son and sent him away to be tortured

    They abducted my son and sent him away to be tortured. Not the KGB. Not the Gestapo. Not the Taliban. It was my government. Ironically the confirmation came on the Australia Day holiday. “Please remove all my information and my picture from any website because make trouble for me and make danger for my lifeRead more

  • A Good News Story

    This good news story appeared in the Mudgee Guardian & Gulgong Advertiser.  This story could be repeated 1,000’s of times if only the Abbott Government could learn the meaning of compassion. I am one of the many BMRSG members who visitor asylum seekers and refugees who are living in either detention or the community.  Everyone who IRead more

  • Morrison’s cynical Catch-22 ploy on asylum seekers

    I have just read this interesting article.  If you have read Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 you will understand what the author is getting at, if you have not read Catch 22 click here for the meaning.  This article shows us another example of  how the Abbott Government is prepare to use those who are less fortunate and haveRead more

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