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  • Manus Island: Where all hope of dignity fades under a harsh sun

    Boredom and humiliation are the lot of the men detained on Manus Island.   Last month, Amnesty International visited the Manus Island detention centre where about 1100 men are detained. We met men from various places, many fleeing terrible circumstances, but they all had one simple wish – to start a life of safety andRead more

  • Asylum seekers: drowning on our watch

    More than a thousand asylum seekers have died trying to get to Australia by boat. But how many of them could have been saved? Australia’s search and rescue authorities stand accused of unnecessary delays, disregarding distress calls and passing responsibility to Indonesia, which is not equipped to carry out rescue operations. Jess Hill investigates. OriginallyRead more

  • UN FAO accused over Sri Lanka kidney illness

    This is an interesting story from the BBC which reports that “For at least 20 years many Sri Lankans in farming communities have been suffering from a mystery kidney disease – 20,000 are reported to have died while 450,000 are affected.” Many of us who visit Tamil asylum seekers/refugees living in Villawood or the community haveRead more

  • Erskineville couple make asylum-seeker statement with Christmas Island lights display

    An Erskineville couple whose immigration-themed Christmas display lit up social media say they are just trying to win the local decoration contest. Carolyn and Robert Woodhead said that they are not an especially political couple but when the idea came to them to invoke Christmas Island in their front yard, they couldn’t resist the opportunityRead more

  • I am a former TPV holder – here is why they do not work

    This is another “The Guardian” article and click here for the link to the original story. The information in Abdul’s article can be used by asylum seeker and refugee supporters when discussing  TPVs.  His 4 reasons why TPVs don’t work create a strong argument that we all can use. – Wayne Buckman TPVs did notRead more

  • Nauru Immigration Detention Centre – exclusive pictures

    All I can say is thank goodness for The Guardian as they have regular reports and articles which show the truth behind successive Federal Government’s lack of compassion and their failure to honour Australia’s international legal and morale obligations. Click on this link to view exclusive pictures of the Nauru Immigration Detention Centre.Read more

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