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  • We all lose when governments trash the law

    In recent months more than 400 Sri Lankans have been summarily repatriated. After arriving by boat, they were screened out by Immigration officials. This action has received little attention, as public attention has been focused on the brutalities of Nauru and on the five year sentence to bare survival that awaits other recently arrived asylumRead more

  • Immigration High Court ruling a blow to ASIO’s refugee veto role

    THE High Court has ruled that the denial of a protection visa to a Sri Lankan man because Australia’s spy agency declared him a security threat was unlawful. In a test case that will impact about 50 indefinitely detained Sri Lankan refugees, a majority of the High Court said it was invalid to refuse toRead more

  • Never revisit the Malaysia swap deal

    Amnesty International’s latest annual report card explains in clear terms the risks involved were the Gillard government to succeed in its quest to resurrect the inhumane Malaysian people swap, according to the Australian Greens. “The report states the deal to expel 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in exchange for 4,000 refugees who were awaiting resettlementRead more

  • Major refugee rights demonstration

    A major refugee rights demonstration will be held outside the ALP national conference on December 4, details are below. Not in Malaysia, Not in Nauru—No offshore processing, end mandatory detention—Refugees are welcome. Rally 12pm Sunday December 4, Sydney Town Hall to march to ALP conference at Darling Harbour Endorsements include: Chilout, Refugee Action Coalition, LaborRead more

  • ASIO adds to torment while atrocities continue

    Media Release From Refugee Action Collective: Free the Rohingya asylum seekers [who are awaiting security assessment – ed.] Refugee Family Members killed in attack. Recent reports of an attack by the Burmese army on the small village of Serakparang in Ratheduang township, Western Myanmar has highlighted the plight of Rohingyan asylum seekers in limbo inRead more

  • Asylum applications decided by politics not circumstances.

    Once again we see the proof that refugee cases are decided by politics not the actual circumstances of the cases. Iranian asylum applications have gone from 100% in 2008-2009 to 27% in 2010-2011. A similar slide has occurred with the Afghan cases and in fact all applications. As the politicians have turned their minds toRead more

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