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  • Marie Standen’s refugee advocacy recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours

    Marie Standen’s refugee advocacy recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours

    On Monday, Marie Standen from Faulconbridge was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for service to refugees, and to the community of the Blue Mountains.
    “I must admit it’s a great honour, there isn’t any doubt about that,” she said.

    The 89-year-old is enormously pleased with the group’s accomplishments over the years.

    They visit refugees in Villawood Immigration Detention Centre, and through extensive fundraising they have been able to help refugees settling in the community with the cost of education, paying bills, or replacing worn out clothes or shoes, or when their children might be in need of new glasses.

    Read more

  • COVID-19 and BMRSG’s Response

    COVID-19 and BMRSG’s Response

    Like everyone else the BMRSG community faced huge challenges when we were told to self isolate. But the refugees on various temporary visas faced much greater challenges. Distressing stories are coming through all the time about situations where jobs have been lost; people have been exposed to COVID 19 and expected to self isolate in crowded accommodation. Those on bridging visas, and that is most households we visit, have virtually no Covid19 related entitlements or general Centrelink access. They also may or may not have Medicare entitlementsRead more

  • An Incredibly Tough Family – BMRSG Helps

    An Incredibly Tough Family – BMRSG Helps

    This is an amazingly tough family!
    We first met them in 2013.  They are still in the High Court appeal process so receive no Centrelink payments or Medicare.
    When we first met. Aamaal* was 12 years old and was the person who liaised with us as she had the best English.  There is a younger brother Chandra.  Neither parent spoke any English.Read more

  • Ocean 12 makes ABC News

    Ocean 12 makes ABC News

    After surviving what he describes as two death threats, Anustiyan Sivapalan made the decision to flee Sri Lanka for Australia.
    “They come to my home, they tried to kill me, but luckily I escaped from the shootout,” he said.
    “That’s why I [was] forced to leave.”
    While the psychological scars caused by an experience like this are too complex for many to understand, Mr Sivapalan has found a community where stories like his are the norm.
    He has been playing cricket for a suburban western Sydney team called Ocean 12 that is comprised of Tamil asylum seekers.Read more

  • Repeal of Medevac Bill – Phone and Write

    Repeal of Medevac Bill – Phone and Write

    On the morning of the 4 December the Medevac Bill was repealed with a secret deal between Senator Jacqui Lambie and the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister. Through this secrecy, democracy and transparency have been ignored.
    We have all lobbied and campaigned for months. But now is not the time to stand back in sadness and defeat. We ask you to encourage all your members to phone Minister Dutton and Prime Minister Morrison.

    Prime Minister Morrison: 02 6277 7700

    Minister Peter Dutton: 02 6277 7860.Read more

  • Hard work and perseverance – Who Are We?  Part 4

    Hard work and perseverance – Who Are We? Part 4

    A house full of single men cut off from their families is not always the most serene of places. A house in Liverpool was one such place, full of Tamil men from Sri Lanka and living now very far from home.
    No mothers, no fathers, no children, and no wives, and this not by any real choice of their own. Many of the young men in this house had Australian residency, but without citizenship they cannot bring their families over to join them. Read more

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