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  • Repeal of Medevac Bill – Phone and Write

    Repeal of Medevac Bill – Phone and Write

    On the morning of the 4 December the Medevac Bill was repealed with a secret deal between Senator Jacqui Lambie and the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister. Through this secrecy, democracy and transparency have been ignored.
    We have all lobbied and campaigned for months. But now is not the time to stand back in sadness and defeat. We ask you to encourage all your members to phone Minister Dutton and Prime Minister Morrison.

    Prime Minister Morrison: 02 6277 7700

    Minister Peter Dutton: 02 6277 7860.Read more

  • Hard work and perseverance – Who Are We?  Part 4

    Hard work and perseverance – Who Are We? Part 4

    A house full of single men cut off from their families is not always the most serene of places. A house in Liverpool was one such place, full of Tamil men from Sri Lanka and living now very far from home.
    No mothers, no fathers, no children, and no wives, and this not by any real choice of their own. Many of the young men in this house had Australian residency, but without citizenship they cannot bring their families over to join them. Read more

  • Ocean 12 – Who Are We? Part 3

    Ocean 12 – Who Are We? Part 3

    Congratulations Ocean 12 winner of Last Man Stands (LMS) Australian Championship 2019.
    It still seems impossible to believe that all those years ago this group of traumatised men who played cricket appallingly have achieved so much. They still manage to shelve their worries and fears and show their amazing ability as a team which has rocked the world of 20/20 cricket. They will compete in the World Champs in Sydney in December.Read more

  • Two young men, two very different stories.  Who Are We?  Part 2

    Two young men, two very different stories. Who Are We? Part 2

    Two young men, both left their home countries aged 3. Both now call the Blue Mountains home and are part of the BMRSG community. But two very different stories.
    Read part 2 in our series Who Are We? Read more

  • Who Are We?

    Who Are We?

    First of a series of posts on some of the wide range of people who make up Blue Mountains Support Group Inc.
    Our promotion says “”Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Inc is a diverse group of ordinary Australians from all sides of politics….We are all volunteers.”
    Some of our most enthusiastic supporters are young people. Read two accounts of young people who are helping; the Automotive Studies students at Blaxland High School and Sam who raised over $1100 by running in the City to Surf 2018.Read more

  • Carrots and Courage Against Despair

    Carrots and Courage Against Despair

    Despite suffering under Australia’s soul-destroying indefinite detention regime, one young asylum seeker who has been locked up for years has developed a veggie patch,  improving everyone’s diet and contributing to OZ HARVEST a huge box of fresh carrots for the needy.Read more

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