Guided by Justice and Compassion

  • Refugee finds new life through art

    Janaki, a Tamil refugee in Western Sydney, is on a new journey through her art. Janaki’s husband and family members were killed in her village in north Sri Lanka, 4 years ago. “It wasn’t safe” she said. “There were bombs, lots of bombs!” She fled with her two children to Indonesia, Christmas Island, Darwin thenRead more

  • Don’t miss it – Hospitality training for refugees

    ABC is doing a feature story on Bright Employment Hospitality. It will highlight their hospitality program and 6 African refugees who have recently graduated from Bright EmploymentRead more

  • The astonishing journey of surgeon Munjed Al Muderis

    “He refused a decree by Saddam Hussein to amputate the ears of Iraqi draft evaders, and wound up on a rickety boat to Australia. Now Dr Munjed Al Muderis is a pioneering surgeon giving amputees the ability to walk. The junior surgeon is sitting on a toilet in the women’s locker room, hunched forward, hisRead more

  • Nurse’s Bequest Helps Refugees

    A local nurse has bequeathed the sum of $79,000 to the Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group. It is being used to fund asylum seeker student education. Judy Gaskin, a long time caring visitor to the Villawood Detention Centre, had a keen sense of justice and compassion. She was appalled by how both major parties usedRead more

  • Ocean 12 – Cricket Update

    Ocean 12 have had a mixed start to the season. We lost our first game badly and then went onto win comfortably for 2 games. Last Sunday we lost by 2 runs. We were definitely the better team and the men were very disappointed. Next Sunday we play at Greystanes ( Darling Park ) atRead more

  • Sayed Abdellatif’s children appeal to the Prime Minister

    This story appeared in The Guardian newspaper on 19 August 2014, you can click here to read the article. I have posted an article about Sayed before and now his children have started a campaign and a petition.  They need every signature that they can get to encourage Scott Morrison to sign the paper that willRead more

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