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  • I am a former TPV holder – here is why they do not work

    This is another “The Guardian” article and click here for the link to the original story. The information in Abdul’s article can be used by asylum seeker and refugee supporters when discussing  TPVs.  His 4 reasons why TPVs don’t work create a strong argument that we all can use. – Wayne Buckman TPVs did notRead more

  • My experience as a nurse on Christmas Island changed the core of my being

    Working with asylum seekers as a mental health nurse has transformed me and challenged my ethics, but I am proud to have shown compassion to people with unbearably tragic stories Emma Hunter,, Thursday 21 November 2013 14.01 AEST                   An asylum seeker boat approaches Christmas Island. Photograph: ABC/APRead more

  • Most asylum seeker rioters turned out to be refugees

    MOST asylum seekers detained during the Christmas Island and Villawood riots were later found to be refugees, new data shows, challenging an inquiry finding that blamed the unrest on increasing numbers of rejected detainees who would not accept the umpire’s decision. Department of Immigration data shows 88 per cent of asylum seekers who arrived byRead more

  • How kids are classified as a security risk

    Asylum-seeker policy at its worst January 5, 2012 Opinion (From Pamela Curr, ASRC, Melbourne) WHEN some future historian tells the story of Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers since the introduction of mandatory detention in 1992, one of the saddest and cruellest elements of that story will be the plight of Ali Abbas. Ali, who turnedRead more

  • Go Back Where You Came From – return of feature

    SBS ONE will show this fascinating feature again at 8.30pm next Tuesday 6 December. Six ordinary Australians agree to challenge their preconceived notions about refugees and asylum seekers by embarking on a confronting 25-day journey. Tracing in reverse the journeys that refugees have taken to reach Australia, they travel to some of the most dangerousRead more

  • Refugee influx to Yemen reaches record high: UN agency

    Xinhua News Agency (China) Refugees in Yemen Refugee influx to Yemen reaches record high: UN agency Please see more

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