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  • BMRSG Helps – From Trauma to Work Opportunities

    BMRSG Helps – From Trauma to Work Opportunities

    A little more than a year ago two members of BMRSG met with Aasha (not her real name) who had escaped a horrific situation in India with the help of friends. Once she arrived in Australia she applied for asylum. Aasha was being supported by a STARTTS counsellor, her rent was mostly being paid by a leading charity which aids refugees, so BMRSG agreed to pay her $60 per week towards the rent plus $20 for her ongoing medications and fares.

    A few months later the charity said they were no longer able to pay Aasha’s rent. So, it appeared Aasha would be on the streets. Read more

  • Latha’s Story

    Latha’s Story

    Latha and Bobbi arrived in 2013 and since that time they have established their new life by working, education and training and created a vegetable with two small children. This is a story of how one couple has managed to survive and thrive despite the difficulties that Australia places in front of those seeking asylum. Refugees do contribute. Read more

  • Ocean 12 defeats the Navy on ANZAC Day 2018

    Ocean 12 defeats the Navy on ANZAC Day 2018

    Did you know the Tamils fought alongside the ANZAC’s at Gallipoli?
    I attended my first Tamil ANZAC service a few years ago and was very moved by the spirit of ANZAC being so richly acknowledged in the Tamil community. This year I once again had the privilege to attend this function. It embraced the Christian, Islamic and Hindu religion. The reading of Psalm 23 by a young Tamil man was breathtaking and the Australian Anthem was sung beautifully (including the second verse) . Siva, a member of Ocean 12 Cricket Team lay a wreath alongside various dignitaries. There were about 300 people at the service. This was followed by the cricket game between Ocean 12 and the Navy.Read more

  • From back yard chilli crop to market garden

    From back yard chilli crop to market garden

    Three years ago I was introduced to an asylum seeker family with a bubbly 4 year old and a very pregnant mum. A few weeks later twin girls arrived. Sri’s dream was to always have his own market garden. In his suburban block he grew so many chilies he was selling them to local shops.
    This week the first crop, 4,500 zucchini plants, go to market and they will plant a crop of tomatoes in a glass house.Read more

  • Look Mum!  I can swim.

    Look Mum! I can swim.

    Seven weeks ago we started our third term of the asylum seeker swimming program. Each week this very enthusiastic group of youngsters with their mums and dads arrive at the Blacktown Aquatic Centre for their “extended “ swimming lesson.

    These lessons are thanks to BMRSG supporters and the terrific volunteers.Read more

  • BMRSG Works – Life for our asylum seekers is far from easy

    BMRSG Works – Life for our asylum seekers is far from easy

    Life for our asylum seekers is far from easy. It’s a constant battle to fight the maze of Immigration red tape, struggle with what you can and cannot do and keep yourself and families in as good health as possible.
    At our recent AGM a couple (members of BMRSG) offered me the most wonderful opportunity. They offered an asylum seeker family the opportunity to have a beach holiday at their holiday house. As a special bonus one of the conditions was I was to accompany them!Read more

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