Last week the Turnbull government launched an unprecedented attack on around 12,000 people seeking asylum who arrived by sea to Australia between August 2012 and December 2013. After waiting over four years to be invited to apply for asylum, these people have received letters from the government with as little as 30 days to lodge their refugee application.

It gets worse. If people don’t lodge their application in time, the government has threatened to take away their right to apply for asylum in Australia.

Without support to complete a 60-page legal application within 30 days, the government has threatened to:

      1. Permanently deny their right to apply for asylum in Australia
      2. Cut off all income support leaving people totally destitute
      3. Not renew their Bridging Visa when it expires, meaning people lose access to Medicare and their right to work

BMRSG knows a number of people whom we have to assist to lodge their application for asylum within the next 14 days or they’ll be at risk of homelessness.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many other people who urgently need the legal support.

At a time where 90% of all funding for legal assistance has been cut by the government, people seeking asylum are now forced to complete an almost impossible task – a complex legal application with 116 questions all in English. And now the government is pressuring people to complete their applications without adequate access to critical legal support within as little as 30 days.

Asylum seekers now have to pay for legal help as all pro bono lawyers are stretched to the limit. With financial support some at least will avoid deportation or destitution.

We invite you to make a contribution so BMRSG can pay for legal support for those completing their applications. The cost for each application is more than $1000.

Donations to BMRSG are fully tax deductible.


Payments can also be made by:

  • Cheque to BMRSG PO Box 197 Katoomba NSW 2780
  • Bank transfer to BMRSG, BSB 062 559, Account No. 1018 3402
  • Deposit at the Commonwealth Bank to the above account.

IMPORTANT: If you transfer on line or deposit at the bank please enter your name so that we can acknowledge you.

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