Three years ago I was introduced to an asylum seeker family with a bubbly 4 year old and a very pregnant mum. A few weeks later twin girls arrived. From the very beginning it was obvious that this family were determined to take up any challenge. When the twins were still very young they were granted a Bridging Visa with work rights.

Sri,( the Dad ) showed incredible talent with gardening . He quickly built up a clientele, all singing his praises . We employed him to help in our garden and Paul helped him with the business side of things. He learnt to write quotes, receipts and invoices. Paul was astonished at his knowledge and his ability to undertake tasks with enthusiasm. He made wonderful suggestions and when we were away for 6 months he took over the role of gardener with pride. We returned to a garden in pristine condition.

His dream was to always have his own market garden. In his suburban block he grew so many chilies he was selling them to local shops. The family didn’t buy vegetables they grew everything.

We searched for a place where he could lease land with good soil and water.   It was all too expensive. However not to be beaten Sri discovered what he wanted in Adelaide. On Boxing Day the family relocated. This week the first crop, 4,500 zucchini plants, go to market and they will plant a crop of tomatoes in a glass house. The photos speak for themselves.

The determination, courage and sheer hard work from both Suba and Sri is extraordinary. We miss them very much, but we relish in the knowledge they are doing what they want to do and are doing it very well.

Yes, its an absolute privilege to be a BMRSG Visitor.

Noeline Nagle

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