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This is an action kit for RAR groups and friends.  The aim is to get the Australian Government with the help of the opposition to accept the NZ offer to resettle Asylum Seekers currently in PNG.  The campaign will finish on Thursday October 24.

Stage 1: 19-26 SEPTEMBER, 2019

EMAIL YOUR LOCAL MP and STATE SENATORS, asking them as your representative to ask the relevant Minister the following questions

  • What will it take to get Asylum Seekers in PNG to New Zealand?
  • What is the Government’s plan for Asylum Seekers in PNG who do not go to the United States?
  • Include your name, address and phone number

Ask your friends, local faith communities to do the same.

Within 7 days, Follow up with a polite phone call and request a meeting with MP or staff to discuss the issue.

Contact details for NSW Senators

ACTION 2 – ALP and Greens MP

  • Email your local ALP member to ask Anthony Albanese to request that Jacinda Adern reissue her invitation to the Federal Government and Prime Minister Marape to resettle Asylum Seekers in New Zealand.
  • Email your local Greens Senator and ask them to contact the New Zealand Greens MPs to persuade Jacinda Adern to offer to re-settle the Asylum Seekers in New Zealand.

Check the RAR website for the latest information.

Facebook and twitter the latest action you or your group have taken using the hash tag #toNZ

Follow up phone call to ask for a meeting with your local MP/Senator….be polite, be persistent.

Be friendly, build a relationship, do not accuse

ACTION 3 – E Petition

E-petition fill out with your group/branch or friends.  You only need a few signatures to bring an E-petition before parliament.

Google: Parliament- e-petition, click on E-Petitions

Reasons: It is time for Australia to respect the request made by the Prime Minister of PNG, James Marape to cease foreign contracts and end offshore detention.  This will allow taxpayer funds, currently being spent on offshore detention to be redirected to areas more deserving such as aged care, disability services, health, education and drought relief.


We therefore ask the House of Representatives to take action to resettle the asylum seekers who are in PNG as a priority to New Zealand, or to another safe country where they are free and able to pursue a normal productive life.

The e-petitions are online for 4 weeks.  Let your friends know to sign and you close the e-petition and forward to parliament.  Just follow the steps online.

Let RAR know how you go.

Facebook and twitter the latest action using the hash tag #toNZ


Stage 2: September 27 – October 4

Action 1

  • Write letters to local, state and national media, keep them focused and simple.
  • Continue social media with post such as “Minister or Senator replied to my email and said…….”
  • Write letters to local MP/ Senator …please ask the Prime Minister the following questions?

What is the government’s solution to offshore detention?


Action 2 – PNG

  • Email/write to the PNG Prime Minister Marape

Parliament Office
C/-National Parliament, PO Parliament House, WAIGANI, NCD 131, Papua New Guinea

Ph: +675 3277317
Fax: +675 3277480


Congratulate Prime Minister Marape on moving all the Asylum Seekers from Manus and ask him to consider the offer of the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern to settle the Asylum Seekers in New Zealand.

  • Email/ write to PNG Immigration Minister

PNG Immigration and Border Security Minister, Petrus Thomas, and the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority.

Petrus Thomas Ph. +675 3277 510    Ph: +675 3277510/508       Fax +675 3277480


                           Ph.+675 327 6100 email : clientservice@immigration.

  • Email the PNG High Commission to Australia



Action 3 – PNG Church leaders

  • Email Catholic Bishops

Fr Giorgio Licini PIME, the General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference (<>).

Fr Licini needs to know that Australians do not support offshore detention and want the Asylum Seekers to be settled in a country where they are valued, free and can lead productive lives.

Ask that the Bishops:

(1) request that the Prime Minister of PNG deal directly with the New Zealand Government for resettlement of Asylum Seekers in New Zealand.

(2) request that the Asylum Seekers detained in Bomana Prison are treated humanely and in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 and must have access to medical attention, Medivac and their mobile phones restored.

President of the Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Rochus Tatamai MSC (<>) .

Please give Bishop Tatamai the same message

Please continue this action over the coming weeks.  Reach out to your networks, especially faith communities, to join in this action.


Stage 3: October 5 – October 21

ACTION 1 – Andrew Wilkie Legislation


Andrew Wilkie is introducing his Refugee Protection Bill on Monday morning October 21.  .

If you can be in the Parliament House Gallery on the 21st please let RAR know.

  • Email your local Member of Parliament and ask them to support the Refugee Protection Bill
  • Continue social media #toNZ
  • Download postcards from RAR website and distribute them on street and farmers’market stalls.

Ask people to sign the cards and pay for a stamp and then post to your MP.

October 13 – October 20

  • Media releases and  letters to media.  Eg Australia must find a solution to offshore detention………the costs are immense approximately $500,000 per detainee per year.
  • Continue social media #toNZ
  • Social media support Refugee Protection Bill
  • Stories to talk back radio regarding Asylum Seekers on Manus include Medivac stories.
  • Postcard for sending to the PM is here #tonz postcard
  • Postcard for sending to Senators or MPs – #toNZ Postcards

Monday OCTOBER 21 –

Refugee Protection Bill

 Meet outside parliament house at time to be advised on October 21.

Stay strong.  Build alliances.  Be persistent.

Rural Australians for Refugees.