Samzin Kalasang

This video was made by Multicultural Health for Refugee Week 2019 and is called ‘World of Stories’.

Multicultural Health organised a celebration for Refugee Week which was a great positive event. They showed this video for the first time, and Roger Grealy from BMRSG was the keynote speaker. Sherab, a Tibetan refugee who has been in Australia/Katoomba for just a year spoke at this event. Riaz also spoke. One of those speaking on the video is Samzin Kalsang, (pictured above) who is on the Management Committee of BMRSG and active in the Tibetan community in Katoomba.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed a delicious multicultural lunch, and talked and got to know one another. Many of the people there hadn’t heard of BMRSG, so this was a good opportunity for them to find out more.

The video was titled World of Stories to give a positive look at refugees and to acknowledge and recognise how everyone has their own story. Leona Kieran from BMRSG said, ” Multicultural Health has done so much for the Tibetans up here in the mountains. Luke O’Connell put the video together and filmed Kunchok at my place and then they asked me to answer a few questions!”

Multicultural Health is part of the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health Department.

Listen to what some of our Blue Mountains folk say about their experience of coming to our local community as a refugee.
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