Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have now passed amendments to the Migration Act 1958 that allow for the medical evacuation of asylum-seekers from Manus Island and Nauru. These amendments are also known as the medevac bill.

With all kinds of misleading claims about what this package does, Katherine Murphy in The Guardian 13 February 2019 spells out some basic facts.

Nine facts about the medical evacuation bill

It takes just over 2 minutes for Barrie Cassidy to dismantle the Government’s deception on the Medevac Bill.

How will the situation for asylum seekers and refugees on Manus Island and Nauru change with the provisions in place?

Explainer: how will the ‘medevac’ bill actually affect ill asylum seekers?

A letter to Susan Templeman our local MP about the  Migration Amendment (Urgent Medical Treatment) Bill 2018 in Federal Parliament.

This is mainly composed of case studies from those in touch with people seeking asylum and refugees which illustrate the difficulties of the current system.  The letter to Susan aimed to be used to inform debate in the caucus and its contents have been shared with Kathie Mc Gowan, the key independent from Indi through our membership of  Rural Australians for Refugees

BMRSG Letter to Susan Templeman MP

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