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Blue Mountain Refugee Support Group

The Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Inc. (BMRSG) is an organisation made up of volunteers that offer asylum seeker and refugee support services in Sydney. Volunteers can choose to join one of several working groups to help plan, implement and provide support for refugee events and activities. We are united by our firm belief that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

If you want to get involved with any of our work, it’s easy to do. One of the ways you can help is by writing a letter. You can write a letter to a government official—we’ll provide all the details you need. Or, if you want to be more involved in the process, consider becoming part of our volunteer program. Learn more about what we do.

  • Who We Are

    We are a diverse group of ordinary Australians from all sides of politics, living just outside Sydney. The organisation has no specific religious affiliation.  We are all volunteers.

  • Our Aims & Objectives

    To encourage positive attitudes to refugees in the community and at all levels of government.
    To welcome, befriend and assist refugees facing uncertain futures, in detention and in the community.

  • What We Offer

    Practical, emotional and financial assistance for refugees and to encourage positive attitudes to refugees in the community and at all levels of government

Video and Poster Competition 2021

Young Supporters Spotlight

Find out how to enter the BMRSG 2021 Video and Poster Competition

Prize winners in the BMRSG/RAR 2020 Poster and Video Competition.

First Prize winner;   Maslen Varnel, Vincent Rummery, Kasper Ekstrom from Kindlehill High School

Joint Second Prize winner;   Lucy Bell for The Final Wave from Kindlehill High School

Joint Second Prize winner;  Anna Andrew, Stella Grieve and Hannah Royal for Our Story from Kindlehill High School

    • 11TH OCTOBER 2011

    Overcoming Adversity: The Australian Refugee Story

      A Blue Mountains Refugee Support Group Forum Current Status Fact Sheet Forum Goal That the humanity of Australian refugees’ lives is understood and their considerable contribution to Australian society appreciated. Invitees MC: Adam Searle, MLC, barrister, former Blue Mountains Mayor and with a track record as a fair, firm and impartial chair. Welcome to

    • 3RD OCTOBER 2011

    Asylum applications decided by politics not circumstances.

    Once again we see the proof that refugee cases are decided by politics not the actual circumstances of the cases. Iranian asylum applications have gone from 100% in 2008-2009 to 27% in 2010-2011. A similar slide has occurred with the Afghan cases and in fact all applications. As the politicians have turned their minds to

    • 10TH AUGUST 2011

    Children held in adult prisons without charge

    As the Australian government provides high level support to the 14 year old Australian boy and his family in Indonesia, could they spare a thought for the 14 year old Indonesian boys locked up in Australia who have no parents to support them. There are around 50 Indonesian teenagers under 18 currently locked up in

    • 31ST JULY 2011

    Bridge for Asylum Seekers Foundation news

    Back to Work I returned home from hospital in March and recuperated at home until the end of April so my life is returning to some sort of normality. It is a long time since our last newsletter but the BASF Management Committee has been very busy upgrading its procedures, preparing applications for funding to

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