Guided by Justice and Compassion

  • Who We Are

    A group of concerned Australians living in a regional area outside Sydney

  • Our Aims & Objectives

    To encourage positive attitudes to refugees in the community and at all levels of government.
    To welcome, befriend and assist refugees facing uncertain futures, in detention and in the community.

  • What We Offer

    Practical, emotional and financial assistance for refugees and to encourage positive attitudes to refugees in the community and at all levels of government

Latest News

  • The asylum seeker battle is not over yet

    When Papua New Guinea’s opposition leader Belden Namah issued a statement late on Sunday slamming his country’s involvement in Australia’s offshore asylum seeker processing regime as ”illegal” and ”inhumane”, most in the federal government kept their heads down. The exception was federal cabinet secretary Mark Dreyfus, who is also a QC, who said Mr Namah’sRead more

  • Asylum seekers welcome Manus probe

    Asylum seekers on Manus Island have welcomed news that the island’s processing centre will be tested in Papua New Guinea’s courts. In a letter to the opposition leader, Belden Namah, who initiated the court battle, the asylum seekers say the move is their ”only hope” of freedom. ”We are asylum seekers, families with young children,Read more

  • Manus Legal Challenge Is Bad News For Canberra

    By Ben Eltham, New Matilda, 22 Jan 2013 The legality of an Australian detention centre is on trial – in the court of another nation. It is another obstacle faced by a government on a quest to deprive innocent people of their human rights, writes Ben Eltham The difficult art of government has many challenges,Read more

  • Asylum seekers swap accommodation for household chores

    A new program aims to place around two thousand asylum seekers in Australian homes in exchange for help with household chores. This interview can be heard on TONY EASTLEY: For those looking for some company or a little extra help around the house, there’s now a solution with a difference. A private company thatRead more

  • Being a burden on society doesn’t work for Amir

    WHEN asylum-seeker Amir fled Iraq, fearful for his life, he didn’t plan on being a “burden to society” in the country he hoped would take him in. But, like thousands of others who arrive by people-smuggling boat and are being funnelled into the community without work rights for the next five years, he has noRead more

  • Press statement by Hon. Belden Namah PNG Opposition Leader

    PRESS STATEMENT Opposition Leader Hon. Belden Norman Namah MANUS ASYLUM PROCESSING FACILITY 20th January 2012 B1 Conference Room, National Parliament It is with regret that I confirm that I have, as the leader of the Opposition, commenced legal proceedings against the Government of Papua New Guinea. The ministers of the O’Neill-Dion government have now receivedRead more