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Dangers and Difficulties Facing Christians in Pakistan by Graeme Swincer OAM, October 2017

Resurgence of Sectarian Violence in Kurram Agency, Pakistan in 2017 by Graeme Swincer OAM , 25 May 2017

Dangers facing Shias, especially Hazaras, in Pakistan by Graeme Swincer, March 2017

Update on the plight of the Shia population of Pakistan by Graeme Swincer, December 2015

Supplementary update on the Plight of the Shia population of Pakistan – December 2013. by Graeme Swincer

Apostasy Blasphemy in Pakistan by Gillian Appleton, August 2013

Safety of Shias in Pakistan, April 2013 by Graeme Swincer

Plight of Hazaras in Pakistan December 2012 by Graeme Swincer