Call for a National Summit on Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Let’s get some change happening by encouraging our politicians to support the call for a National Summit!

Cracks are showing in the crazy asylum seeker policy world and a National summit is a chance for politicians to come together across party lines. Community Groups, Faith Leaders and over 2,000 academics, are calling for this National Summit on Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers especially around Manus and Nauru so lets keep up the pressure.

What you can do right now is to write a letter, and encourage others to write, to your local Federal Member of Parliament. This should not just be a form letter but a real handwritten or typed-and-signed one, urging the MP to support a National Summit to consider more compassionate policies.

Attached is some sample letters that you could use or adapt – but the point is to write the letter in your own words.

Sample letter to the PM  Malcolm Turnbull

Sample letter to the Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten

Sample letter to your local member Member of Lindsay

Contact list for all Members and Senators


Every email or letter makes a difference.

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