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  • Until when: The forgotten men of Manus Island

    Until when: The forgotten men of Manus Island

    This joint report by the Refugee Council of Australia in partnership with Amnesty International, tells the story of the men who have been sent by Australia to Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), and what has happened to them after they were forcibly removed from the ‘regional processing centre’ on Manus Island one year ago.
    Executive summary
    “The system the Australian government has designed for refugees and asylum seekers, has a kind of evil and devastating effect. It can ruin the very inner strength of human spirit. To the outsider, Fariborz [Karami] took his own life [on Nauru in June 2018], but the truth is the system took his life. There is no alternative explanation, and we must hold
    the Australian government accountable for this action.Read more

  • Home Among the Gum Trees NSW

    Home Among the Gum Trees NSW

    Holidays for people seeking asylum and their families in rural and coastal towns in NSW. For relaxation, friendship and understanding in an ordinary Australian family setting, with leisure and social activities such as bushwalking, sightseeing, fishing, and swimming. It’s a taste of life away from the main cities for people seeking asylum who are interestedRead more

  • BMRSG Works – A Team Effort

    BMRSG Works – A Team Effort

    A positive warm hearted story of a need identified by one of the BMRSG Community visitors, of a family in a house with no furniture and a new baby still in hospital, a timely offer of furniture and a feat or organisation by a number of BMRSG volunteers. #BMRSGHelpsRead more

  • ‘Do not abandon us’ Behrouz Boochani tells audience in Wentworth Falls

    ‘Do not abandon us’ Behrouz Boochani tells audience in Wentworth Falls

    Behrouz Boochani, the Kurdish Iranian journalist and award winning autho, discussed his recently published memoir No Friend But the Mountain: Writing From Manus Prison at the Wentworth Falls School of Performing Arts last Saturday. Mr. Boochani fled from Iran to seek refuge in Australia but was instead sent to offshore detention on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Mr. Boochani is a vocal advocate for Kurdish people and all refugees and asylum seekers. Mr. Boochani Skyped in from East Lorengu, the refugee accommodation on Manus Island where he currently resides, and received a standing ovation from audience members, before talking about his memoir and his time in detention.Read more

  • Wentworth Falls Launch of “No Friend But The Mountains”

    Wentworth Falls Launch of “No Friend But The Mountains”

    by Roger Grealy Kathie Herbert and Joy Connor did us proud in organising and running the afternoon around the local launch of Behrouz Boochani’s book, No Friend But The Mountains. As an interested observer  I write to say what a professional group we have and what talented , hard working women Kathie and Joy are.Read more

  • Lobbying Federal Politicians in Canberra

    Lobbying Federal Politicians in Canberra

    Joy Connor and Marie Sellstrom, President of Rural Australians for Refugees, spent 2 days in Canberra meeting with politicians. They met with Russell Broadbent, sent Marise Payne a gift of Blue Mountains honey and a copy of Behrouz Boochani’s book and met with Julie Bishop. The meetings were facilitated by local member Susan Templeman.
    Julie Bishop said that refugee advocates needed to lobby for more involvement by Australia in regional intercountry dialogue such as the ‘Bali Process’, if there is to be any kind of solution to forced migration. Read more

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