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  • Ocean 12 makes ABC News

    Ocean 12 makes ABC News

    After surviving what he describes as two death threats, Anustiyan Sivapalan made the decision to flee Sri Lanka for Australia.
    “They come to my home, they tried to kill me, but luckily I escaped from the shootout,” he said.
    “That’s why I [was] forced to leave.”
    While the psychological scars caused by an experience like this are too complex for many to understand, Mr Sivapalan has found a community where stories like his are the norm.
    He has been playing cricket for a suburban western Sydney team called Ocean 12 that is comprised of Tamil asylum seekers.Read more

  • Ocean 12 – Who Are We? Part 3

    Ocean 12 – Who Are We? Part 3

    Congratulations Ocean 12 winner of Last Man Stands (LMS) Australian Championship 2019.
    It still seems impossible to believe that all those years ago this group of traumatised men who played cricket appallingly have achieved so much. They still manage to shelve their worries and fears and show their amazing ability as a team which has rocked the world of 20/20 cricket. They will compete in the World Champs in Sydney in December.Read more

  • Friendly cricket match on ANZAC Day

    Friendly cricket match on ANZAC Day

    On Anzac Day 2017, Ocean12 Cricket Team and Australian Navy Cricket Team had a wonderful encounter at Darling Street Park Cricket Ground. On this memorable day, in their inaugural match, both teams played in a friendly environment.

    Before the cricket match Ocean 12 and members of the Tamil community attended an ANZAC ceremony at Wenty Leagues where Ocean12 skipper Suthakar respectfully placed a wreath.Read more

  • Ocean 12 to play at SCG

    Ocean 12 to play at SCG

    Every young cricketer in Australia dreams of playing on the SCG. Every member of Ocean 12 ( our Australian champion 20/20 team ) has also dreamt of playing on the SCG. This week they played in the Sydney Charity Cup and won. Along with winning the cup comes the privilege of playing on the SCG at the Primary Club Charity day.Read more

  • Support Ocean 12

    Support Ocean 12

    If you feel touched by the Ocean 12 success and are in a position to help, please consider the following:-
    The men have a raffle (brilliantly organised) with prizes such as a signed bat (donated by Cricket Australia), 2 tickets to New Zealand, IPad, and vouchers. (All prizes sourced by the men.) Tickets are $10.00 each or a book for $100.00. Noeline is very happy to sell these to you.
    Cricket is very expensive. It costs $130.00 per game
    Read more

  • Our new Australian Champions – Ocean 12

    Our new Australian Champions – Ocean 12

    Sri Lankan asylum seekers overcome adversity to win national cricket competition Report ABC AM  by Katherine Gregory A group of Sri Lankan asylum seekers have claimed victory both on and off the cricket pitch. The team was almost in tears after winning a national Twenty20 championship at the Gold Coast on Wednesday night. The TamilsRead more

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