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  • BMRSG Annual Report 2013-14

    Over the last year the BMRSG has continued to provide weekly practical and emotional support to numerous refugees and asylum seekers in detention and in the community. To be able to do this we have maintained our fundraising activities and our collection and delivery of goods to the families and individuals we have been assisting.Read more

  • Urgent petition – Please sign

    Dear Friends, Last year you signed the petition “End Inhumane Treatment Of Asylum Seekers In Australia”. Senator Hanson-Young presented it to the Senate. But instead of getting better, the situation has become graver. Not content with spending $1 billion of taxpayers’ money on detaining 2200 asylum-seekers in appalling conditions in detention centres on Manus IslandRead more

  • Why Seeking Asylum is Legal

    Authors:  Jane McAdam & Fiona Chong The book “REFUGEES – WHY SEEKING ASYLUM IS LEGAL AND AUSTRALIA’S POLICIES ARE NOT” has recently been released and we highly recommend that anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the asylum seeker and refugee issues.  The authors Jane McAdam and Fiona Chong state in their introduction (Page 4 paragraph 4)Read more

  • Why care about the health and well-being of asylum seekers?

    A report on the refugee detention centre in Nauru by five independent clinical experts posted online by The Guardian on Friday paints a bleak picture of life on the island, particularly for children. But why should we care about how these people are being treated? The report describes the now-familiar wretched conditions of refugee detention.Read more

  • They abducted my son and sent him away to be tortured

    They abducted my son and sent him away to be tortured. Not the KGB. Not the Gestapo. Not the Taliban. It was my government. Ironically the confirmation came on the Australia Day holiday. “Please remove all my information and my picture from any website because make trouble for me and make danger for my lifeRead more

  • JULIAN BURNSIDE: Australia’s Refugee Policy: Are We Getting it Right?

    The following YouTube video is of Barrister Julian Burnside’s closing address on Saturday 15 September at the Migration 2012 Conference, Menzies Sydney Hotel.  While this conference was in 2012, the issues covered by Julian Burnside  are very relevant today. [niceyoutubelite id=”mGUOyhX0kNI” aspect_ratio=”16:9″]Read more

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