AHRThe Australian Human Rights Commission has just released their report on The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention (2014).  This is a “must read” report for anyone interested in the rights of asylum seeker children.

Click on the image on the left and follow the links to read or download this report.



Some responses

Press release from Malcolm Fraser

Response from Julian Burnside QC as one of 50 academics.

What can we do?

    • Sarah Hanson-Young asks that we write to the Attorney General, George Brandis in support of the call for a Royal Commission into the detention of children. A written letter is recommended but there is also a link on the Greens website


  • ASRC, Amnesty International, Get Up, Human Rights Law Centre, ChilOut, Save the Children, CRI & Welcome to Australia have all come together to free the 330 children in detention:
    READ: Damning AHRC reportACT: Sign the joint petition to free children from detention: Kids Out
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