This is not a defeat, this is a call to action for us. Our job is not to give up but to build something better starting today.

We will only fight harder for people seeking asylum and be even more fearless. We can’t let this break us or even bend our determination, too many refugees lives depend on us coming together leading with love and direct action now.

We have built a strong movement of caring compassionate Australians, and now more than ever, we need to not just hold our ground but push forward with a new even more compassionate and courageous agenda.

Our movement has had much success (e.g. Kids off Nauru, Medevac) achieved under a Morrison Government remember, so we need to continue the work we have started. And even now when we may feel like faltering, we know we can’t, because that will just leave the most vulnerable with no champions.

Now more than ever we need to stand our ground and remind those seeking asylum that we hear them, and that we will fight side by side with them for a fair go. We still believe in the goodness of Australians and we know you will rise to this challenge with us. says Kon Karapanagiotidis ASRC.

How are we going to move forward?

Joy Connor, Chair of BMRSG says “We need to write to the Prime Minister and Anthony Albanese and as many others as we can, on stopping the repeal of the Medivac bill. This article gives information that wasn’t available before the election. The numbers of sick people moved to Australia was more than 40 and rising daily.”

Joy Connor continues, I think we can take a lead from the letter by Sister Monica, President of Catholic Religious Australia (CRA), (and an activist) to the Prime Minister, which is incisive yet respectful.


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