Villawood Detention Centre

Villawood Detention Centre

Dear Friends,

Last year you signed the petition “End Inhumane Treatment Of Asylum Seekers In Australia”. Senator Hanson-Young presented it to the Senate. But instead of getting better, the situation has become graver. Not content with spending $1 billion of taxpayers’ money on detaining 2200 asylum-seekers in appalling conditions in detention centres on Manus Island and Nauru, the Federal Government now proposes to introduce EVEN HARSHER POLICIES towards asylum-seekers.

The proposed changes will mean:

1. Asylum-seekers will have no recourse to the Refugee Review Tribunal.

2. Asylum-seekers will have almost  no chance of obtaining permanent visas for Australia.

3. Babies born to asylum-seekers in Australian detention will become stateless persons.

4. Many asylum-seeker families will be forced to remain permanently divided.

5. Courts will have no oversight of the immigration bureaucracy.

6. Our nation will be in contempt of its international obligations and of the United Nations Refugee Convention.

These changes to legislation will come before the Senate within the coming month. We need to ACT NOW to defeat them. But they can be defeated if we get support from Labor and the cross-bench senators.

I urge you to sign the NEW petition:

 PETITION: Stop legislation denying human right for aslyum-seekers

And one more thing:

Can you help spread the word by forwarding the link above to your friends?

Geraldine Moore

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