Thanks to the actions of Asylum Seekers Rescource Centre (ASRC) supporters and other concerned people, the Government failed to get its Use of Force bill through Parliament in June.

Thousands of people wrote and phoned Labor and cross-bench Senators urging them not to support the Bill, which would give detention guards virtually unchecked power to use force against asylum seekers, largely without recourse. As a result, Senators Madigan and Leyonhjelm publicly said they would not support the Bill.

The Bill deferral is proof that when we act together, our voices are heard at the highest level of Government. We expect a watered down version of the Bill to come back before Parliament later this year. When it does, we’ll be ready to raise our voices and urge Senators to block this horror Bill.
Keep the issue alive, read more about how you can block the use of force bill

Posted reprinted from ASCR July email of some “stories of hope and happiness”

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