In January BMRSG committee members Julie and Brendan hosted a very successful visit to Blackheath by six refugee children – three Tamil girls, and three boys from Iran, all of whom had come to Australia as unaccompanied minors.
The visit was organised through Marist Youth, who arranged for the children to be transported to the Mountains in the care of three volunteer workers.

A bushwalk had been planned, but the day was hot, so when we all met at Blackheath Pool, no one wanted to leave. The kids had great fun in the pool with us, then we all had lunch in the shade.
We heard about the kids’ schooling, their families, and what are their hopes for their life in Australia. Then we all headed down to Govetts Leap to enjoy the view, but decided against a bushwalk. Too hot!

As the kids departed, the boys asked if they could come to Blackheath Pool again the following week!

This is the sixth in the series of the work done by our volunteers.

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